Increase the Size of your SDCard in Android BlueStacks Beta



Get Data IMG Maker Unzip DATA.IMG to your computer, At Desktop for example.

Close Bluestacks beta and kill all HD processes from Task manager.

Go to C:ProgramDataBlueStacksAndroid and rename SDCard.fs to SDCard.ext3. Make a backup before modifying it.


Now open TopoResize.bat, from the folder “DATA.IMG Maker”

Now Click on find file and navigate to “C:ProgramDataBlueStacksAndroid” and open SDCard.ext3

Don’t forget to check “resize file only no resize2fs”. You will see the default sdcard size is 2048MB (2 GB). You can drag the resize bar to your desired size and then click “Resize file” and wait the process to finish. Then quit the TopoResize and go to and navigate to “C:ProgramDataBlueStacksAndroid”. You will notice the size of the sdcard.ext3 has changed but we are not yet done.


Now drag sdcard.ext3 and drop it to “mke2fs.exe” located in DATA.IMG Maker folder and type Y and Enter. wait for it to finish and then rename the SDCard.ext3 to SDCard.fs


Then start you Bluestacks beta Player and it will notify you about a new SDcard. Just click it and format your sd card and that’s it.


This valuable suggestion is from Cynthia stevens who left a comment here. We find it useful to make it part of this tutorial with special thanks to Cynthia. 
You should first of all follow everything written to the Tutorial. if you still cannot get your bluestacks player to understand your card has a bigger size it’s because it’s partitioned for 2 gb. You haven’t partitioned the new capacity yet. So it doesn’t see that it’s bigger it only sees what it was pre-programmed to see. The 2 gb. So here’s what you do. You need to download and install 2 more files.
You need osf mount for whatever system either 32 or 64 bit whatever you have. Then get ext2 volume manager and if you need it root explorer.
WHEN YOU GET TO STEP 7 you should understand now how the process of mounting and unmounting the sdcard.fs drive in osf mount. Click dismount all and exit then click ok.
When you have done all of this… follow the directions for resizing your sdcard.sf in this thread.
After you open toporesize.bat you have to remember that MB are allocated in 1024 kilobyte blocks. Open your calculator and multiply 1024 by however many Gb you want. Then move the slider to the number closest to it because it won’t go exactly to it. Click the sliding bar to the right or lift of the slider it should increase or decrease by 1.
Move it to the number you got from multiplying exactly. Then finish the process. When you get to restarting your bluestacks player you notice nothing says you have a new sd card right? Install something like ADWEXlauncher from APTOID. You can do this by installing it on your phone then navigating to your DATAAPP folder in root explorer. Find the launcher app, copy it to your SDCARD and transfer from the phone to pc.
Double click the app on your PC and it should install it with bluestacks. In bluestacks you should open adw and check it as your home app. click the menu then click settings and go to storage. You’ll see your sd card is still at 2GB and seemingly filled up when you try to transfer files. Now here’s the trick…quit all processes from bluestacks in task manager, all hd processes too.
Open up OSF mount and go to FILE, MOUNT NEW DISK, then you’ll see buttons that have “…” click that and find your SDCARD.FS file. uncheck “READ ONLY DRIVE” and hit ok.
You’ll see it pop up under “MY COMPUTER” as a new drive. Right click on it and choose format drive. Make sure your allocation unit size reads default and file system you can’t change so ignore it. Capacity should be what you allocated it for when you resized it. Uncheck quick format. Then hit start. Wait till it’s done then open up OSF Mount again and choose dismount all and exit. Then restart bluestacks. Go to system settings in ADWlauncher and hit storage. It should say unknown or unavailable  Pull down your notification bar and it should say something about unknown sdcard. Click it and it should try reformatting it. Hit ok and wait. Now your SDCARD should be what you set it’s capacity at. GOOD LUCK!!!
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  • I have Bluestacks for windows 7 Beta version 1. I use whatsapp through this app player. Is there some way to delete the downloaded images and videos which are stored on the default SD card without creating a new SD card with increased memory

  • Doesn’t find your file «SDCard.fs»
    but i have folder named «SDCARD.sparsefs» someting that i cant increase my sd card in Bluetacks
    plase help fast please

  • Hi! I really need more size but I don’t want to uninstall some apps, is that remotely possible?

    • Ya, that’s possible. Just copy all your data from sd to your computer. Then follow instructions to increase the size of sd and again you can transfer all your data back to your newly created sd.

      • But I’ll have to install the apps again, aren’t I?

          • Seriously? So, If I have mmmm whatsapp, after the size thing, Do I have to do the register with my phone number and all that? Or will the app be the same one I downloaded for the first time?

          • If you properly backup all your sd data before resizing and then transfer it back to resized sd, you don’t have to reinstall all your apps and even whatsapp would run normally.

          • SWEEEEEEEET!!
            Sorry for bother that much, this is the only place I found help, specially considering my bad english… But I want to ask you one more thing.
            Do you have a tutorial of how make that properly backup and how transfer all back to resized sd? I’m afraid to screw it up.

  • Cynthia stevens

    You should first of all follow everything written to a T…

  • If your settings won’t pop up install adw in your bluestacks then go to settings and check storage. If it still says 2 gb then exit and close all bluestacks processes and all hd the then open osf mount and go to file mount new disk click the dots button then find sdcard.fs and mount it. I then went to computer and right clicked it and chose format. Don’t do the quick format. I make sure you choose default allocation unit size. I hit start it should work after you restart bluestacks might see new SD card and option to reformat. I will update on it after its done.

  • im using a pc and i’ve trying to figure how can i hack bluestacks

  • I was just wondering, If I downloaded free apps on my iPhone, would they show up on my AT&T bill? And would I still pay some kindof fee for downloading them even though it says it’s free? Please provide as much detail as Possible.

  • I woke up this morning and i wanted to look at my pictures. But when i went to the pictures ALOT of them were missing. I went and checked the trash bin and nothing, i went to my computer and typed in .jpg and still nothing. I really need help! I have no idea what happened to all of my pictures. ): I want to cry! Oh and i also have this thing downloaded called BlueStacks, it’s where you can have apps on your computer, like Instagram and Twitter and Tumblr and yeah. Would that have anything to do with it?

  • I have installed Bluestacks on my pc: Windows 7 Ultimate
    It is easy to download and run android apps using bluestack
    We just have to click in the app and it is downloaded and installed
    I wanted to know if downloading all these apps would be free?

  • I want to import the photos which my friends ve sent me from Whatsapp which i run through Bluestacks to PC.
    Please help me.
    Explain it in detail. How to do it.
    Photos from Whatssapp (Bluestacks) to PC.

  • Well I want to download BlueStacks but it wont let me it says
    “BlueStacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card.
    It is possible your graphic driver may need to be updated.
    Please update them and try installing them again.”

    What do i do and what does it mean?

  • I had heard something about viewing android apps on a windows pc, and I was wondering do you need to download software for this?

  • Rassling Fundamentals

    I installed Bluestacks the other day so that I could create an Instagram account without needing my phone with me. I installed the Instagram app in Bluestacks, set up the account and all was fine. I went into the Add/Remove Programs section of the Windows 7 control panel, found Bluestacks and uninstalled it.

    However, I STILL have an “Apps” library that the program created: (

    I have gone into all of the C drive and deleted all Bluestacks files and folders, and then emptied the Recycle Bin, but it won’t budge.

    Even if I right click on the Apps library and choose delete it comes back the next time I turn on my PC.

    How can I get rid of this pest?

  • I have a Toshiba Satelline C650, I want Whatsapp and Viber on my pc so I want to download Bluestack, then an error pops out saying ‘ Cannot recognize graphic card, please try updating the drivers’. I have an Mobile Intel 4 express series family, and up to date drivers, PLEASE HELP

  • Ok so i download bluestacks for windows 7 and download instagram in bluestacks and when i want to upload a photo to instagram It won’t show anything except one album and it’s called ASR and it comes with the downloading and when i search for ASR i can’t find it in my computer. So basically all i want is to upload pictures to instagram help !!

  • Clayton Cottrell

    I mean can they view it in full, or zoom it? I can’t tell because I’m on bluestacks, not iphone…
    @com do I know if it’s big, or how can I make it small?? thank you! :)

  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to install Bluestacks on my windows 7.but from past 2 days after windows ran an update and downloaded automatically after that every time i start my laptop,I am getting Microsoft visual C+++ error which i didn’t understand and have been ignoring it since.Now i wanted to install Bluestacks and then i get this message ” Error 1316.A network error while attempting to read from the file C:WindowsInstaller Asktool bar.msi?? there is no Ask Toolbar visually in any folders and tried revounistaller to clear,even it didn’t detect that.

    Please help me to solve this problem.

  • I have been trying to download Instagram and other apps for months onto my macbook pro. I just found this option called Bluestacks. It is this program that lets you access hundreds of apps including Instagram and lets you download them onto your mac or pc. I was going to download it but it said it took up 2.39 GB of storage. I am scared that it is too much and will crash my computer. Is it? Also how dependable is Bluestacks? Is this a good and safe option? Any advice or past experiences would be great! Also do you recommend anything else?

  • Everytime I try to download BlueStacks it downloads half way and then an error message pops up and says “This application requires atleast 1 GB of physical memory” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? how do I fix it? please helpppp !

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