Registry tweaks to optimize Bluestacks Beta

Registry tweaks to optimize Bluestacks Beta

Run Android bluestacks beta in Fullscreen

Go to start out menu of your pc and search regedit. Open and go to this string:


Open “FullScreen” Key and Change “Value Data” from 0 to 1 and click OK.
If you want to resize the Bluestack Player window:
Open Height and Width keys to change their “Value Data”. You can experiment with these two keys to attain your desired screensize.

Mount Windows Drives / Folders to Android Bluestacks beta

As you know your windows “Picture” folder is mounted by default into your Bluestacks Player /SDCard/Windows folder.
If you want to mount any other windows drive or folder, just go to this registery key:
and right click on “FileSystem” > New > Key
Rename it to 2 and right click in the right pane under the “default” and add “New” > “String Value”


Rename it to “Name” and open it and Type the name of your drive or folder that you want to mount in Bluestacks and Click OK.
Again do the same to create new “string value” and rename it to “Path” and open it and Type the path of your drive or folder that you want to mount in Bluestacks and Click OK.


Now go to your bluestacks player and open your file manager (like root explorer) and go to /sdcard/windows and you will find your drive/folder mounted there. You can browse and apps, songs or videos located in this windows folder from your bluestacks Player.


Increase the size of the RAM for Android Bluestacks beta

Open regedit and Navigate to this key

Open “Memory” key and Edit “Value Data” by putting your desired memory size (900 for example).

Click OK and Done.

Change boot animation in Android bluestacks beta

Thanks to Wetzel402 at xdaDevelopers, who found a quick way to have fun with the BlueStacks boot animation. Find a GIF animation and drop it into C:/>Program Files>BlueStacks. The file must be named “loading.gif” and I recommend copying the original to a backup location.
And how about this stinkly bluestacks logo? We can change it too. Just prepare your own .PNG file and drop into C:/>Program Files>BlueStacks. The file must be named “productlogo.png” and again don’t forget to backup the original file. Here is my fully customize Android bluestacks beta boot screen:
bluestacks beta




  • Hi all, the Memory hack doesn’t seem to do anything any more with the newest version of BlueStacks…

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  • I want to use a photo from pc for a bluestack app. how to get done that.
    I have installed bluestack app player in my pc. and im using an app called instagram in it. i need to add one profile pic from my pc. there is an option to add photos from library. but my library collection area is empty. how can i import pics to library/collections in bluestack

  • When i choose photo gallery, where is the directory?

  • I have been trying to download Instagram and other apps for months onto my macbook pro. I just found this option called Bluestacks. It is this program that lets you access hundreds of apps including Instagram and lets you download them onto your mac or pc. I was going to download it but it said it took up 2.39 GB of storage. I am scared that it is too much and will crash my computer. Is it? Also how dependable is Bluestacks? Is this a good and safe option? Any advice or past experiences would be great! Also do you recommend anything else?

  • I have a droid charge. for whatever reason, I cannot figure out how to set any other sounds I have as a text notification. I can only set it as a ringtone, contact ringtone, or alarm clock if I go to the music player, hold and select it. Is there a trick to setting it as a text notification, or is that not possible with this device?

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    I’ve currently got a PC not a Mac, but I’m probably going to get a Mac later this year.

  • I got my phone taken away and i have been going on instagram from my computer, but i was wondering if you can accept friend requests from instagram on the computer. Because, my profile is private. Any help? please(:

  • im using a pc and i’ve trying to figure how can i hack bluestacks

  • MentallyCryppled

    I am connected to the internet. I can access the internet using Google Chrome and my internet connection is pretty fast too.. But i discovered that the applications i have on my computer such as Bluestacks, Skype, Yahoo and Facebook messenger, etc. cannot connect to the internet.

    Why is this so? Any way to fix this?


  • I had heard something about viewing android apps on a windows pc, and I was wondering do you need to download software for this?

  • I had downloaded the Kik application and wanted to test something with a friend of mine and saved a picture from them, now it says it saved it and whenever I open up the Gallery option, it’s there in a “Kik” folder but I cannot seem to readily find said folder, any suggestions as to where it might actually be? Any help would be appreciated

  • I don’t have an iPod or android, can you get Instagram for your computer or something similar?

  • i could not find File System on mine :(

  • Hola amigo,no tengo la carpeta FileSystem.Me aparece solo Config y en ella encuentro filesystem.
    Puedo cambiar aqui los valores.
    Y cuando abro el explorador no me aparece la carpeta de windows.
    Muchas gracias por el aporte y espero una respuesta.

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