How to install Android apk files in windows for bluestacks beta

How to install Android apk files in windows for bluestacks beta

1. Get any apk files from internet.

2. Right click apk files > Open with > open Program Files folder > Bluestacks > and select HD-ApkHandler.exe.

3. Now, your apk files will be automatically installed to Bluestacks when you double click on the files.

See this video tutorial:





  • I have an android evo device and was wanting to put a live wallpaper I found on the internet on it, but I cannot find the folder to put it in.
    Evo Design <- Android device
    Dancing-android.apk <- live wallpaper

    Thanks in advance.

  • Pls i need help how to convert a apk in game maker studio.

  • The file I downloaded is an .apk file. How do I apply this to my phone?

  • ok so my friend showed me how to get swipe on the first motorola droid. he said just download this apk file and then use astro to install it. basicly swipe in on droid x, droid incredible. will this void my 8 dollar a month waranty?

  • My phone model is E16i, but i cant find an option or thing that’ll help me install the APK file games on it! Please help me!!!
    P.S. Do not tell me just go and download games on the application market as those games costs money and i downloaded it free from some webs~ So please help!

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