Installing Market on Android Bluestacks Beta – ANDROID APP DEVELOPERS’ TUTORIAL


Android Bluestacks Beta is not yet rooted (We are rooted now Here you Go: Bluestacks Beta Rooted Instructions) and Many users wish to play with Google play. Here is the step by step procedure to get into root.fs and then write access to system in windows

First, gather your tools:

1. Get Ext2 Volume Manager from here and install: Get Ext2 Volume Manager

2. Get Osfmount from here and install: Get OSFMount-x32     Get OSFMount x64

3. Get squashfs tools and extract: Get squashfs tools

Now open Ext2 Volume Manager, click on file “install Ext2Mgr as service”. Then on Tools and “service management” and follow the screenshot settings below:


Apply and minimize. Kill all processes related to Android BlueStacks in task manager (HD-Agent.exe etc.). Open Osfmount, Mount new, select root.fs from C:ProgramDataBlueStacksAndroid


uncheck read only drive and click OK (make sure to backup “C:ProgramDataBlueStacks” before making any changes). Now open the mounted drive and you will see ramdisk.img and system.sfs. Cut system.sfs and paste it to the folder where you earlier extracted squashfs tools.


Open Command Prompt and cd to the squashfs tools folder and execute this command without quotes: “unsquashfs.exe system.sfs” A new folder “squashfs-root” will be created in squashfs tools folder. Now go to OSFMount and mount system.img located in “squashfs-root” folder. Don’t forget to uncheck the “read only drive”. Open the mounted drive and go to app folder and copy the contents of Market folder to be downloaded from here: Get Market content Make sure to delete all 0kb apks from the app folder. Now dismount system.img from OSFMount and go to command prompt and execute this command without quotes: “mksquashfs.exe squashfs-root system.sfs” make sure to delete previously placed system.sfs from squashfs tools folder before executing the command. Copy newly created system.sfs to the mounted drive of root.fs


Dismount root.fs from OSFMount and run BlueStacks beta. Run Market and signin with your google account. Final step to update the market, download latest market apk from here: Get Vending_Official_3.5.15 Right click on it and open with “HD-ApkHandler.exe” located in “C:Program FilesBlueStacks”. Voila, you are good to go with Google Play showing all applications and without any crashes.






  • I want a book consisting lots of example, task and each example has to be described in full details.
    Since, I’m new to android app development. I don’t have any knowledge about XML and all. So Suggest the book.
    Thankx in Advance.
    Dude this information is very useful to me. But I want to learn each and every widget of android So that i can apply them in my app.

  • hey whenever i try to cut paste the system.sfs file from the root folder error occurs the disk is write protected. any help how tp tackle it??

  • wwwavid360gamercom

    im looking at android tablets because they are cheaper and from what i no they are very good quality for their price. i was just wondering if someone could let me no if i could uninstall the android software on it and reinstall windows software? and if so would they be able to explain the process or post a link with the answer! thank you!

  • I just got an android tablet. It works well and runs fast but i don’t know where are the downloaded file on my android tablet. How can I find them?

  • want to buy a hand held computer but don’t know what to get. Need low priced . Would a Android tablet be good.

  • Lasagna delivery guy

    I was wondering if I can run one of those light weight linux distro installed on a usb flash drive on one of those android tablets.
    1) Is there a cheap tablet PC (under $200) that can be booted from a usb port?
    3) Can I find a lightweight linux distro that has all the drivers for that tablet?
    Thanks for replying.

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again

    Is it possible to listen to webcasts streamed through Windows Media Player on Android Tablets or the Ipad. I have had no luck in being able to listen to streamed conference calls on my Ipad and was wondering if I could do this with any other tablets.

  • I wanna buy an android tablet. Where would you buy the games and apps from? Like how ipads have itunes. What type of store do android tablets have and where can i get the giftcards for that store?

  • Does big screen android tablets like Galaxy tab 10 or Motorola xoom support all regular android apps?I mean is it possible to install any apps we want? either we have to install tablet customized app?and what about the resolution?wont be a problem?

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